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As we continue to grow new pens will be needed. Above is the 3 newest flight pens built in July 2018.These flight pens are set up with proper feeders, waters, and square footage per bird released in each pen. Quail and  Chukar have an elevated wire floor to ensure healthy birds.

All of our flight conditioned gamebirds are guaranteed  to fly and surpass your expatiations! if the birds for any unseen circumstances do not fly we will replace  them! Our birds are explosive and fast flyer to put any experienced hunter  to the test. We haven't achieved our success for no reason...

At our main location in Dawson we have a retail store. We carry all hunting, trapping, and fishing equipment you could ever want!! We also carry Ruffland Kennels, DT systems  ecollars, and many more dog training supplies. At this location we sell IDNR hunting and fishing licenses, or any other license and permits. Check out the online store in the coming weeks!

Proudly raising gamebirds from day old to the dinner table for all your gamebird needs!

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