Gage Marinelli


Gage maintains daily operations with the help of himself and an occasional volunteer. Gage’s father, grandfather, uncle, and aunt often help when needed. Gage ensures the daily feed schedules, barn chores, picking of eggs, and hatchery operations are accounted for. He helps with shipments and delivery of pre-starts and mature birds. Gage orders feed, straw, shaving and materials need for normal operations. But also handles hatchery work such as culling eggs, packing eggs, preparing chick orders, and deliver orders. Gage does the account managing and processes all paperwork and invoices. He ensures orders are filled and on time. Gage also works a full-time job and is a full-time student at UIS obtaining a bachelor’s in business administration.


"When I was starting this, I raised poultry then alpacas then gamebirds. I am glad that I ended up in the gamebirds industry. It started as a hobby turned into a business and it’s a hobby for my love of hunting and training dogs. I don’t work a day in my life at Gage’s Poultry Plus, LLC because I love what I do. I may not be the largest gamebird farm in the united states but, I am doing what I love and living my dream every day." -Gage